Google Gripe- Slides / Presentation Audio limitation – Really?!?

Audio speaker

As of this writing there’s a fairly big deficiency to those looking to use Google Slides as a Microsoft Powerpoint replacement: Audio.

Many people embed audio into their presentations. Sometimes it’s a song clip, sometimes it’s a sound effect, and often it’s a short clip of speech or other sound file.

In Powerpoint, you can simply embed the sound file into the presentation.  You’ll be given the option on how you want to handle the Audio being played – Play at launch? Play after a certain amount of time? Play when pressed? Loop? Etc etc.


In Google Slides you get..nothing.  There’s NO way to embed audio into a Slide Presentation. No wav file. No MP3. No midi. Nada.

Google’s “alternative” is that they allow you to link/embed Youtube videos. And yes, Youtube videos tend to contain audio. So in theory if the audio you want exists in a Youtube video – and you’re ok with streaming a YouTube video instead of working with a local file, then you may be able to work around it.


For the rest of’s Powerpoint time until Google gets this basic functionality built-in.

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