NegaLite-BluRom for the Sprint EVO3D – ROM of the Moment

Today’s ROM of the Moment:





Due to some issues I’ve been having with my SONYSAN3.0 install (mainly, data connection loss and spotty reboots) I’ve decided to try a different ROM.


So walk with me as I go through the process here:

General Pre-ROM routine – Full backup apps & data with Titanium Pro + Full Nandroid Backup.


  1. Boot into Recovery (4EXT Touch)
  2. Format all Partitions except SD.
  3. Install the downloaded ROM from ZIP file.
  4. This takes us to the menus for the ROM during which is asks all sorts of questions regarding my preferences – Speed tweaks, formatting tweaks, app options, launcher options, etc etc.  Overall, it was nicely presented, clearly explained, and easy to follow.  A nice variety of options.
  5. After answering the questions, the install starts…
  6. Not too long after the screens of scrolling text displaying the progress, the installation reports in successfully completed.
  7. I exit the installer and install gApps from zip.
  8. And then..the big Reboot.  Fingers Crossed..
  9. Oh actual 3D bootscreen! Nice!
  10. A couple minutes on that screen (slowly becoming worried as is normal..some ROMs take longer than others on that initial reboot..some never make it past the bootloader screen..) and we’re in! A fairly nice looking blue-themed Sense lock-ring presents itself.  I let it sit a few more minutes to settle.
  11. Moving on, we get the usualy “configure your phone” wizard – set up wifi, , set up accounts, etc etc. I opted to not set up any accounts at this time and instead wanted to let Sense fully-load and see about getting things back via Titanium. (Note to self – Get Titanium Pro .apk on SD card so it can be installed prior to account with Play store)
  12. I went through and cleaned up all of the crap off of the screens – removed duplicate icons, remove shortcuts I won’t use, etc.
  13. Downloaded Titanium Pro from Play Store (had to set up Google account to do that).
  14. Launched Titanium Pro – Granted SU access – And prompted to restore previous ID.  Did so and device reboot. Oooh, pretty boot screen again!
  15. Reboot went smooth – always a good sign.
  16. Back into system – Kernel Tuner has an update available. I download and apply it.  Now back into Titanium Backup Pro to restore a few apps/settings.  Actually, I restore about 47 of the,.  That may have been a bad’s much safer/easier to troubleshoot if you only do 1 or 2 at a time. But I’m impatient. And I’m hoping for the best.
  17. The restore went better than usual.  Only 2 elements failed.
  18. Next to the Play Store to update any apps needing it.  Turns out about 13 of them do.  Odd, I thought I’d updated my apps just prior to the Titanium Backup.  Oh well, no biggie.  Those that didn’t restore can just be re-downloaded from the Play Store.



I’ve had the ROM running for a few days now and overall I’m very impressed.  No random crash/reboots.  3D works.  Bluetooth works.  WiFi works. GPS works.  And so far I haven’t had any of the data network connectivity loss issues the last couple of ROMs have given me. yay!


Here are a few of the downsides I have not figured out yet:

  • Google+ Hangouts doesn’t work.  It gives an error about stopping and restarting the program and if that doesn’t work, try reinstalling.  I’ve done both with no luck.
  • I haven’t gotten WiFi tethering to work yet.
  • The Amaze Mirror and Amaze Camera apps don’t work.  I’m not sure if those came with the ROM or if I accidentally restored them when doing my batch restore from Titanium Backup Pro..  I can do without that particular camera app (other camera apps work)



I’ve been rocking this ROM now for a few weeks and have even used the OTA to update to newer versions.  I must say, it’s been one of the most stable ROMs I’ve run.

I was able to get Google Hangouts to work by choosing to NOT let the ROM option install G+ and instead downloading it from the Play store after the ROM is running.

The Amaze apps were part of some past ROM and never really intended to work with this ROM.  I’m ok with that.

I still haven’t messed with my WiFi tether any further to confirm its functionality.


Overall, I’m impressed and will likely stick with it for a while longer than my past few ROMS.


UPDATE2 – I’ve got the Wi-Fi tethering to work using the Wi-Fi tether app from the Play Store. This update is being posted from my touchpad using that connection. – side note: the WordPress app leaves a bit to be desired for editing posts…

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